Naib-Tehsildar Screening Test MCQs - KPPSC

Naib-Tehsildar Screening Test MCQs - 23/11/2019

Capital of Chechnya?
Franc is the Currency of?
Who was the founder of the Mughal Empire?
Tipu Sultan died in which Mysore Battle?
Who built the Jahangir Tomb?
Who was the founder of Din-e-Elahi?
What is the name of the China Parliament?
Which is called the mother of Parliament?
Which country has the world's oldest Parliament?
Which country has no sea Qatar, UAE or Saudi Arabia?
The world's largest ocean?
What is the name of the Pakistan parliament?

Correct the spelling:
1. Diverse
2. Obnoxious
3. Malignant
4. Sufficient
5. Essence
6. Ridiculous
7. Proficient
8. Conceive
9. Ambiguous
10. Challenge

1. Amicable: Courteous
2. Conformity: Reliance
3. Feign: Pretend
4. Grandeur: Splendor
5. Manifest: Wakeup

1. Amenable: Offensive
2. Comply: Deny
3. Exotic: Poor
4. Reprisal: Forgiveness
5. Strenuous: Lazy

1. at cross purpose: Misunderstanding each other
2. A drop of a hat: without delay
3. Add fuel to the fire: aggravate
4. Within Stone's throw: near distance
5. Snake in grass: the hidden enemy
6. Wolf in sheep's cloth: Hypocrite
7. Keep himself to him: unsociable

UAE Capital?
Indian president's name?
Kpk district including FATA?
Area wise largest FATA agency?
Papulation wise largest agency of FATA?
Which desert between Indus and Jehlum?
Who builds Jahangir's tomb?
BRIC 11th summit hosted by which country?
First world parliament?
Mangla Dam is located in which province?
Parliament of Pakistan also called Majlis-e-Shoora, Majlis-e-Pakistan, Senate?
Khawaja Ghulam Fareed was the poet of which language?
Which organization selected for the Nobel Prize award?
The green vegetable is a good source of?

Pakistani national Animal?
Pakistani national Flower?
Which country shares the south borders with Pakistan?
Bejing old name?
Which desert located between the Punjab and Sindh?

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