SST Maths-Physics MCQs - 4th August 2019 - 8 AM - NTS

SST Maths-Physics MCQs - 4th August 2019 - 8 AM - NTS

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SST Maths-Physics MCQs - List:

1. Laplace transformation has an order of?
2. Something like proposition law in mathematics
3. If a and b are not equal to zero but a.b= 0 ?
4. What is the domain of f(x)=6x/(3x-2)
5. If f(t)= 1/t and g(t)= t^3, find gof(x)
6. What is mean of weights of 9 students in a class....i put 35
7. What will give the highest number, means. Mode, average or
8. Cohesion forces will be more in?
9. The spectrometer is used for?
10. Gamma rays are consist of
11. If B is removed from something like platinium etc
12. B is also called flux density
13. Dc generators have split rings
14. Dc generator converts mechnical imto elecrrical
The highest mountain is tirch mir in hindukush ranges.
Jihad means strugle
Hukool ul ibad
Rasool means
Thermodynamics related MCQ
Integration was also there.
Some questions were from the Derivation part.
Minto Morley reforms.
quit India movement started by?
Which language was called reehta?
If a body moves with a speed of 3m/s in 1 sec then how much speed will be covered in 8 sec.
1) koh e hindkash ki oonchi tareen chooti ?
2) quit india movement started by whom?
3) which viceroy's gave which parts to india by doing injustice to Pakistan
4) who led the shifla wafad in 1906 ?
5) who was the last ruler defeated by British government to overcome india?
1) to identify the matrix type
2) domain and range of function like f(x) = (√x^3/4 - 2x)/2x
3) gt = t^3 + t^2 + 3t for t= ?
4) Integration of 1/2x^2√(x^3/4-2x)
5) integration limit of( x^2-x)/x
6) y= x + 100
a) circle b) parabola c) line d) ___
7) d/dx xy^1/2
8) asymptote of (equation given)
9) Laplace is which order
High degree of functions (not from SSC level)
10) if a doesn't equal to zero and b doesn't equal to zero the a.b = ?
11) what will give highest number mean ,mode ,median or bar
Domain and range (high level BSC and 2nd year)
Laplace equation
Mostly from bsc and 2nd year
1) generators works on which law
2) center of gravity is inside a body ,out side a body or both
3) if 10N force acts vertically with y component what will be the z component
4) the rings attached to dc motor is
a) split rings b) slip rings
5) instantaneous velocity of SHM with respect to amplitude with displacement is
a) uniform b) increasing c) decreasing d) zero
7 ) if two current carrying counductors are place in same direction the magnetic force will be a) zero , repulsive , attractive
8) oscillating body ka ek mcqs ta but i forget it now
9) mostly they have touched thermodynamics
10) the centripetal force of nth shell formula is ?
10 ) the energy of electron in orbits is
a) finite , infinite ,forgot other options
11) thorium after fission process it will become
12) silver element has how many electrons in valance shell
13) atomic mass aur atomic number ka aaya tha ek kaafi tricky tha
14) the induced emf in the 2ndry coil is because of lens law or faradays law
15) inertia of object show resistance to other factors in whic
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