SST Biology-Chemistry MCQs - 4th August 2019 - 11 AM - NTS

SST Biology-Chemistry MCQs - 4th August 2019 - 11 AM - NTS

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SST Biology-Chemistry MCQs - List:

1..lavish oposite meaning
2.combustion opposite meaning
3.flammable:burn simililar relation
4.squash similar mean
5.method in which student is ready for social problems..
6.the factor makes influence to student centerd is learner's....
7.smash up..similar meanin
8. Haste
9.8g of methan contain....
10.botanical name of ground nut
11. Gymnosperm wood is called...
12..shape of amoia molecule
13.equvalent conductance unit in CGS..
14..which is intensive property
15.nigella specie is representative of....
16.fungus for comertial use.. cell in sponges formed by transformation are..
18.surface tention unit
19.acording to Einstein. .when photon strike to electron what hapn to energy. related to the ns2.np2
21.when nd where muslimleague formd
22.shaikh mujeb urrehman given---- points.
23.which is highr seat in Pakistanstan
Option..chief justc.president.primeminstr
24.indus river touch to Pakistan in which area
26. Upercolumn present I the gills of following fish....
27.round worm belong to ... nd neon are iso electronic bcz
29.na2co3 is called
30.thermal decomposition is called?
31. Active dna present inm.
32.quaid e azam start the of news
33. Pakistan telivision started transmition from which city
34.angiosoerm 3rd largest family
35.the young one born in roundentry condition is ....
36.k is called contantant bcz... of the following is not present from aminoacid in miller...
38. Kis badsha ny Hazur SAW ky kehny py islam qabool ki
39. Warqa bin nofl ky pas kon khat ly k gya
40.hajj k kitny fraiz hn
41.pehla mahrqa kon sa tha jis m haq aaya or batal mit gya
42. Madina m Hazur SAW ny kis k ghr qiyam kia
43. Sulahe hudaibia kis khalifa ny likha paper chromatography paper is used as a....
45.kinetic energy of molecule is determend by
Option 3/2K..1/2mv2
Haj k faraz kitny hn?
Who gave 1970 LFO
Harqil ka khat konsy shahbe ly k gaye thy
The third largest family in plant?
Quaid e azam ny konsay akhbar ki foundation rakhi
Electrochemical series oxidizing konsy order mein hoti ha
1.Archegonium is absent in?
2.Nigella is representative of?
3.Coiled shell molluscs are?
4.Kinetic energy of alpha rays?
5.Unit of specific rate constant?
6.3rd large family of angiosperms?
7.Sex cells in sponges are transformation of?
8.A.acids not produced in miller's experiment?
9.Fungus important in brewing industry?
10.Wood produced by gymnosperms is called?
11.Botanical name of ground nut?
12.archosar lineage represents?
13. Na²Co3 is called?
Sheikh mujeeb formula consists of how many points?
صلح حدیبیہ کس نے تحریر کیا
The botanical name of groundnut.... Arachis hypogaea
دریاۓ سندھ کشمیر سے نکل کر پاکستان میں کس مقام پر داخل ہوتا ہے
Sab se pehly kis hukmran ny islam qabool kia - Najashi
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