MCQs about INDIA - for CT and PST - FTS - NTS.

MCQs about INDIA - for CT and PST - FTS - NTS.

Total number of States in India: 28

Total number of Union Territories (after the inclusion of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh): 9

The revoked articles by India that give Indian-administered Kashmir special status: Article 370 and Article 35A

President of India: Ram Nath Kovind

Prime Minister of India: Narendra Modi

The currency of India is called: Indian rupee

Independence date of INDIA: 15 August 1947

India becomes Republic: 26 January 1950

India - Upper house is called: Rajya Sabha (Pakistan - Senate)

Home Minister of India: Amit Shah

India - the Lower house is called: Lok Sabha (Pakistan - National Assembly)

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