Imran Khan speech in Washington's Capital One Arena, USA - Main Points.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing a large crowd at Washington's Capital One Arena, said that Pakistan has greater potential to overcome its problems.

Here are the main points of Imran Khan's speech today in the USA.

Ingredients for effective democracy

1. Merit everywhere

PM said that for an effective and functional democracy, merit should be ensured in all departments and organizations. Without ensuring merit in its true sense, no progress is possible.

2. Leaders should be Answerable to Public

Next, he shed light on the accountability of public officeholders. He said that everyone should be answerable to its public, irrespective of their social status and influence.

3. ONE Main Syllabus

According to PM, the absence of a level playing field also contribute to the gloomy situation of Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are 3 education systems, i.e., English, Urdu, and Madrassah, which are producing 3 different cultures across the country. Therefore, the need of the hour is to implement ONE Main Syllabus all over the country.

Number of Children in each system:
English - 8 Lakh
Urdu - 3.25 Crore
Madrassah - 25 Lakh

Other Mian Points

1. Pakistan's massive mineral reservoirs

The abundance of minerals in Pakistan, i.e., copper, gold, and coal massive reservoirs. Tapping it will improve the economic conditions of Pakistan.

2. Milk (average per day)

China cows give milk around 20-24 liters;
Pakistan - 6 liters.
Pakistan can export Milk and earn a good revenue of it if we make it 12 liters at least.

3. Progressive taxation

It means to take money from rich people, and spend it on poor people. As a piece of evidence, it was depicted in the Madinah State and currently in the West.

4. Enacting laws for further protection of women's rights

Madinah State was a welfare state. It gives women their rights and a share in the property. PTI government will such enact laws.

5. Pakistan's debt

Pakistan's debt before 10 years (before 2008) - 6,000 billion Rupees
after 10 years (after 2008) - 30,000 billion Rupees

6. Afghanistan - no military solution

Dialogue is the only way for peace in Afghanistan.

~The End~

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